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If you have been looking for a sign to begin your journey with therapy, or want to know more about grief and mental health then this is it- you’ve come to the right place!

I find joy in shifting the paradigm of normalizing grief in ALL spaces. It is my belief that it doesn’t matter what anyone's societal status or background is; everyone is susceptible to loss and challenges with mental health, which is really one more thing that makes us more alike than different. Grief awareness is essential to moving beyond survival. There is freedom in thriving!


VHTS clients’ experiences are enhanced because Jasmine is a specialist rather than a generalist when it comes to grief, loss, and bereavement; this is her area of expertise.


Jasmine is a licensed clinical social worker and certified grief counselor. She also utilizes Prolonged Grief Disorder Therapy (for appropriate clients) to aide in their support.

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Online Telehealth

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  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Group Support

  • Depression

  • Life Transitions

  • Pre-marital Counseling


Jasmine specializes in serving marginalized populations as well as individuals who have experienced various dimensions of loss such as:

  • primary loss- physical connection to deceased

  • secondary loss- loss of self, loss of self- confidence

  • non-death loss- example, caregiver caring for ill, loss of independence, divorce, friendship

  • ambiguous loss- loss without closure

  • disenfranchised losses- loss experiences that are not as obvious or do not involve death.


Applying a person-centered approach with her clients Jasmine is supportive, non-judgmental, and empathetic. 

“I take a collaborative approach that is tailored to each individual’s unique experience with grief and loss in order to transform their painful experience into a new dimension of hope.” 

- Jasmine Cobb, LCSW, CGCS


She uses an eclectic approach that is comprised of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Trauma- informed care, Empowerment theory, Social Learning theory, and Person in Environment.


Jasmine also offers specialized techniques such as Prolonged Grief Disorder Therapy as well as Brainspotting .


Additionally, Jasmine is a Pet Loss Grief Counseling Trained Professional.


Enjoy our all-new Complimentary Guide
"How to Grieve Mindfully"

How to Grieve Mindfully is a guide for coping with stress and anxiety as a result of a loss. 

The destination for

Next Level Grief and Mental Health Care Transformation

We work to end the culture of silence around grief

1. Have you experienced a recent or past death- loss that you still can't seem to emotionally find peace with.

​  (Your brain gets it, but emotionally it doesn't sit well with you or it doesn't makes sense in your mind either, it's hard to believe it's true)

  • You feel as though a part of you died

  • Have difficulty concentrating

  • Feel guilt/regret

  • You try to avoid reminders the person has died

  • Feel life is meaningless since the death

  • Feel lonely and also have a tendency to isolate

  • Find it difficult to do things you used to enjoy

  • Feel angry/ Angry at God

  • Difficulty sleeping or resting

  • Difficulty slowing down or being still

  • Anxiety/ Worry/ Confusion/ Fear

  • Depression/ Sadness/ Emptiness

2. Regardless of time and whether or not the loss was/is expected grievers tend to want to share their experience in a space where they can find clarity on their journey, feel accepted not judged, feel seen and heard.


At Visual Healing Therapeutic Services, PLLC we provide that space.

You are welcome here just the way you are. There is room for your pain, tears and darkest times. You don't have to be "strong" or have all the answers with us. We help you build on the strengths you already have and also introduce you to new ways of coping and adapting that you've likely never tried.

"Therapy is a place of restoration."
- Jasmine Cobb, LCSW, CGCS



After attending therapy with Jasmine, you will

  • notice how you've already began to heal and grow with your grief

  • feel more prepared and equipped to manage your emotions

  • feel more in control of your grief

  • feel more empowered in the times to come when the emotions of grief seem to get loud again

Hands Up


“We knew Jasmine had a heart of gold the first time we met her!"

“Since we have been doing grief therapy I been more aware of habits I've developed over time- now I'm trying to change and do things differently."

"I made a lot of progress in our time and work together. She gave me the tools to manage my grief and helped me to give myself grace to heal."

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Increase Mental Health Literacy

The good news has arrived!

Seeking additional resources?

Grieve: Different, Better, More!

Grab my 2-n-1 self-help book + workbook

By the end of Grieve: Different, Better, More!,

you will understand how to:

  • View your personal mental health, grief, and loss from a new perspective.

  • Create a new and improved plan on how to deal with your painful experiences and start healing NOW.

  • Take control of your mental wellness in ways no one told you were possible until today.

*Available format: Paperback or E-book​

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