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Pre-marital Counseling

"Invest in your commitment and cut your risk for divorce by at least 30%."- Jasmine Cobb, Certified Prepare- Enrich Facilitator.

Relationship Enrichment

Set your relationship up for success by working together with VHTS as we journey with you and your significant other to lay the foundation to a life-long partnership.

Being under the guidance of a spiritual leader is one approach to navigating the pre-marital process, but it's certainly not the only approach. The benefit to partnering with VHTS is we go more in-depth and far beyond the spiritual aspects of a committed partnership.

We combine our expertise of navigating interpersonal relationships along with our signature Framework, Nurture your N.E.E.D.S, created for newly engaged couples and also for those couples who are strongly considering taking their relationship to the next level before sealing the deal.

VHTS recognizes the value of companioning with couples through logic and emotion, which is why we utilize our Certified Prepare-Enrich facilitator, Jasmine Cobb, who has the additional training to provide each couple with their own personalized framework that provides couples with enhanced insight and awareness in their relationships, meaningful results to use as a starting point for positive conflict resolution and the confidence to face the inevitable challenges that comes along  with even the healthiest of relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can insurance be used to cover the cost of pre-marital counseling sessions?

A: In most cases insurance providers do not cover pre-marital counseling as health insurance is usually a benefit to cover illnesses and conditions. We encourage clients to confirm this information with their providers as some providers may have incentives for the completion of this type of service.

Q: I think pre-marital counseling will be good for my relationship, but my partner is not on-board?

A: It takes two to tango! We recommend waiting to sign-up for pre-marital counseling with VHTS until all parties are on-board and committed to going on this journey.

Q: Does my partner and I need to be Texas residents to receive this service?

A: No! This is a skills- based preventative service, unlike mental health services that help manage and treat diagnosed mental health conditions.

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