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Grief is a normal, yet unique experience that comes with many nuances. This means it may not look like any one person’s frame of reference and it can feel and also appear as something that is unfamiliar. Normal grief is not a mental illness or disorder, but if left untreated grief can develop into other serious mental illness.


Understanding the Complexities of Grief

Did you know...Grief can take on similar characteristics of mental disorders like depression or anxiety. If normal grief is not given the care and attention needed, grief can transform into depression or anxiety.


The advantage of working with a grief specialist is through the development of this expertise a specialist will possess the necessary knowledge and awareness to avoid misdiagnosis since on the surface an individual’s concerns may appear to be depression or anxiety because these symptoms are more commonly recognized and do have some overlap.


Identifying grief as the root of an individual’s problem(s) can be uncovered more efficiently and the journey of effectively facilitating the healing process can begin, which will save a client both time and money.


Individual counseling is available for individuals who are ready to overcome unhelpful grief habits, prioritize their vision of healing, and navigate the grieving process through either grief counseling or grief therapy!


We Aspire to End the Culture of Silence Around Grief

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Grief Counseling &

Grief Therapy

"Therapy is a place of restoration."- Jasmine Cobb, LCSW, CGCS

We Offer


Have you experienced a recent or past death- loss that you still can't seem to emotionally find peace?(Your brain gets it, but emotionally it doesn't sit well with you or it doesn't makes sense in your mind either, it's hard to believe it's true)

  • You feel as though a part of you died

  • Have difficulty concentrating

  • Feel guilt/regret


  • Feel angry/ Angry at God

  • Difficulty sleeping or resting


  • Anxiety/ Worry/ Confusion/ Fear

Regardless of time and whether or not the loss was sudden or expected grievers tend to want to share their unique personal experience in a space where they can find clarity on their journey, feel accepted not judged, feel seen and heard.


At Visual Healing Therapeutic Services, PLLC we provide that space.

You are welcome here just the way you are. There is room for your pain, tears and darkest times. You don't have to be "strong" or have all the answers with us. We help you build on the strengths you already have and also introduce you to new ways of coping and adapting that you've likely never tried.

  • You try to avoid reminders the person has died

  • Feel life is meaningless since the death

  • Feel lonely and also have a tendency to isolate

  • Find it difficult to do things you used to enjoy

  • Depression/ Sadness/ Emptiness

  • Difficulty slowing down or being still

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